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Our Solutions

In addition to quality data, Insight Screening Solutions is here to increase productivity. We offer a range of reports, tools, and resources designed to reduce your risks, protect your assets, and streamline your leasing process. 

Browse our available solutions and give us a call today if you have any questions.

Our Solutions


Our highly customized interactive online rental application can be used for all of your rental application needs! Link it on your company website, easily email rental applications to potential tenants, or place in an online ad. Quick App is compatible with any mobile device and features automatic email notifications for clients or applicants.



Maintain compliance through the automated delivery of your consumer disclosures.  Once your consumer reports are completed, securely and automatically deliver consumer copies, adverse letters, and custom disclosures.  Deliver reports via email with a secure link.  Consumers receive automated email reminders that their disclosure is available.  Save labor, time and postage without any additional cost with QuickView.

Disclosure Delivery

QuickLease Pro

We provide an easy online application process, including background screening and electronic lease signatures for property managers and their prospective residents. Easily store, save, and view lease agreements, resident information, and property information. Applicants can also easily make online payments by debit or credit card.

quick lease


There's no more need for incessant games of phone tag or faxing with Quick Verify! Simply request and receive customizable verifications online while staying secure and compliant. Users are able to tailor their verification questions to meet their needs and easily attach authorizations.

Landlord Verifications

Tenant Score Card

Need an easier way to classify tenants? Easily score tenants with our customizable Tenant Score Card application. You can assign a "Pass," "Fail," or "Conditional" recommendation to any applicant in the system. Other features include creating objective recommendations tailored to your requirements. 

Rental Recommendation

Batch Orders

Instead of individually screening and filing paperwork for every single applicant, you can easily group screen all your applicants. Batch orders are ideal for lease ups, all you have to do is provide a CSV file with all your applicant details. We'll take it from there!

Lease Up

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