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Leasing suite tailored for

Property Managers

Tenant Screening

So what makes us different? 

As a nationwide tenant-screening provider, we at Insight Screening Solutions have everything you need to revolutionize your workflow. With a suite of easy-to-use tenant screening services and resources, we offer a highly customizable approach to property managements. Maximize your bottom line by quickly and easily screening potential tenants today. With our tools, you can:

Credit Check

Easily Gather Information from Clients

Our QuickApp makes it easy to record information directly from your clients, meaning your days of sifting through illegible handwriting are over!

Rental History

Save Time with Automated Verifications

With QuickVerify, you can request and receive verification forms online. Not only is this process faster, it's done through a secure server.

Fast Results

Make Decisions Fast

Use our Tenant Scorecard tool to quickly decipher report results and make informed decisions based on what's important to you.

Disclosure Compliance

Deliver Disclosures Immediately 

Our QuickView tool allows you to automatically, quickly, and securely send disclosure information and notices to clients online. It easily allows your clients to verify their identify, view and print reports, and gives you the power to track their progress.

Custom Lease Forms

Receive Lease Signatures Digitally 

Lose the headache of keeping up with paper signatures by opting to go digital! In just a few minutes, you can send your tenants their lease, have them review it, sign it, and send it back without any hassle.

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