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What is affordable housing? How to screen applicants for affordable rental housing? 5 Reasons why the Affordable Housing industry chooses Insight Screening.MORE THAN HOUSING 

Government assisted housing programs provide an essential service to families in need. Affordable housing improves the quality of life of residents by leading to better health, adequate jobs, financial stability, security, and population diversity. The effects of affordable housing on residents are profound and capable of transforming communities, especially when the projects are designed with an urban plan in mind.

  • Quality affordable housing attracts key service providers in our community.  Such as teachers, police officers, nurses, and firefighters
  • Complexes promote interaction among residents and strengthen community ties
  • Transportation options allow residents to search and locate jobs, providing job security and improving their financial status 
  • Commercial spaces within communities provide access to essential products and services as well as employment opportunities 
  • Community centers bring together residents, offer entertainment, help improve their education and social skills.  They provide various different art and trade activities as well.

These communities who service their residents with such elements empower their residents to use the tools they have to succeed in their endeavors and become productive members of society.

Why do we need Affordable Housing?

  • It's Healthy
    • Studies show quality affordable housing has many positive effects on people's health and well-being
  • It's Good for Kids
    • Affordable housing is critical for children's health and well-being.  A study by the MacArthur Foundation found quality of housing - including structural or maintenance deficiencies such as insect or rodent infestations, exposed wiring and peeling paint, lack of light, heat or hot water - is the most important aspect of housing for children and families.
  • It Builds Sustainable Communities
    • Developers, designers, housing organizations and community advocates are able to work together to create vibrant communities in affordable housing developments.  With a great design for a community,  residents enjoy an environment that supports physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • It Creates Jobs
    • A study by the New York State Association for Affordable Housing found that affordable housing projects created nearly 330,000 jobs between 2011 and 2015, roughly 47,000 of them permanent.  Where people live influences where they work and how much money they make.  Affordable housing development generates employment opportunities for the community and stimulates the local economy in many different ways.
  • It Promotes Diversity
    • Cities that lack affordable housing frequently invite segregation and fail to meet the needs for many families who live in variety of circumstances.  This can lead to higher poverty rates and severe distress in poor, segregated communities.

We understand the unique tenant screening requirements of government agencies and have developed an effective background screening program to provide accurate, thorough and timely background information. Our website has provided a variety of organizations in the affordable housing industry a streamlined process to increase efficiency.

5 Reasons why the Affordable Housing industry chooses Insight

  1. Accurate, Thorough and Timely Background Information:  Delivered by an FCRA certified Consumer Reporting Agency specializing in tenant screening
  2. Disclosure Delivery:  The FCRA and HUD require property managers to deliver certain disclosures to their applicants.  QuickView allows your managers to text message or email any disclosure electronically (i.e. Denial Letters, Consumer Reports, VAWA-Violence Against Woman Act).  All deliveries are timestamped and logged for compliance purposes
  3. E-Invite past Landlord's and Employers to complete your verification questionnaire with QuickVerify
  4. Batch Order:  Batch ordering allows you to simplify large orders by placing multiple orders at once for a list of applicants. Conserve time by ordering in bulk,  ideal for lease ups
  5. Turnaround Times:  With over 900+ vendors fully integrated with our platform,  our clients enjoy fast turnaround times on all services (i.e. criminal reports)

Affordable Housing communities are indispensable source of safe, quality housing to low-income families, seniors, and disabled individuals.  You maintain a strong belief in putting your resident's safety first by ensuring your communities are a secure and violence-free environment for the most vulnerable renters to thrive in.  Insight Screening Solutions helps the affordable housing industry in achieving this goal by determining whether your applicants are suitable for residence.  

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